Floor Apt Rooms m2



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4 Nr.43 4 91.20 29 250  Storage 630 view plan  
5 Nr.51 3 92.10       reserved  
5 Nr.46 3 86,40 28 710  Storage room+kitchen+parking 619 view plan
6 Nr.57 4 179.20 41 664  Storage room+parking 898 view plan  
6 Nr.89 3 119.60 26 910  Storage room+parking 580 view plan  
6 Nr.86 3 115,00       reserved  


* Monthly instalment was calculated on assumption that AS LUMINOR banka disburses the loan in amount of 85 % of the real estate price for 30 years subject to floating interest rate of 2.2 % p.a.

Example: To draw a mortgage loan of EUR 85,000 with the maturity of 30 years for the real estate acquisition purpose for EUR 100,000, assuming that the down-payment is EUR 15,000 and a floating interest rate is applied (as of 05.04.2017 - 2.2 % p.a., to be revised in every 3 months), after payment of an upfront fee of EUR 425, duty for corroboration of mortgage with the Land Register of EUR 99.23 and making 360 monthly loan principal and interest instalments of EUR 322.54, the total amount paid by maturity will tally up to EUR 116,640.04 and the annual interest rate (AIR) to 2.26 %. The loan collateral - pledge on the property to be purchased. To draw a loan one needs a current account and the LUMINOR  Internet-bank as well as valuation of the real estate to be purchased and insurance over the entire effective period of the loan agreement. Real estate valuation is free of charge. Additional costs not included in the AIR consist of the real estate insurance premium, payment commission upon the loan disbursement (if the payment is made to another bank), and fees charged by the notary public.


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