Technical description

Technical description

Residential building construction 

Monolithic concrete slab.

External walls
Brick wall, concrete block wall, insulated from outside and coloring.

Foldable concrete panels, monolithic concrete.

Partition walls
Partition walls are plastered, colored or tiled, accordingly to the purpose of correspondent premise.

Wood and steel structures, insulation, roof shingle.

Internal stairs
Concrete stair stringers.

Aluminum construction, triple glazing.

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External doors
Aluminum construction.


Metal construction, 1st floor of the building .

Two modern, new generations (Otis) lifts .

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Availability of environment

Building is fully available for persons with special needs (disabled persons and their friends society’s “Apeirons” conclusion), are planned ramp for pram and wheelchair users.

Engineering networks

Central heating
Building’s heat supply is provided by city heating network (provided by “Rīgas Siltums”). Has built new heating nodes with many control meters. Each apartment has set separate heating consumption meter,

Water supply
Centralized city water supply. In each apartment are provided water consumption meters to meter cold and hot water.

Separate counter, in each apartment.

In ventilation project is planned to provide appropriate micro-climate for each premise depending on its purpose. In kitchens, bathrooms and WC are projected natural and compulsory ventilation mechanical extractor systems.

Telephone, Internet, TV
Optic high-speed Internet and TV data transmission cable.

Safety measures
24 hour visual and physical surveillance by the central entrance of the building. Fire and guard signalization systems, video surveillance. Code key, intercommunication system by outer door and apartments.

Apartment finishing

Floor: corridor, kitchen, living room, bedroom
Natural wood (oak) parquet with sound insulation interlayer.

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Floor: bathroom, WC room
Tile flooring.

Floor: terrace
Terrace wooden flooring.


Colored with semi matt emulsion,

Walls: corridor, kitchen, living room, bedroom
Plastered walls, filled and colored with semi matt water emulsion.

Walls: bathroom, WC


Toilet bowls – Laufen (Sweden)

Bathtubs – Laufen (Sweden)

Shower cabins – Huppe (Germany)

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Water heater – Laufen (Sweden)

Towel warmer – FLEX (Sweden)


Kitchen furniture is not provided, connection ports for kitchen equipment are provided.

Full equipment.

Telephone, Internet, TV
Opportunity to add telephone, Internet and TV.

Exhaust hood is located in the kitchen, bath and WC. Connection place for steam extractors.

Apartment’s external doors
Reaton – oak-tree, fireproof (ABLOY fittings).  

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Apartment’s internal doors
Reaton – veneered oak-tree (ABLOY fittings)

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